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Consultation and imaging

consult a specialist: 50 – 100 zł

panoramic photo: 60zł

photo bays: 70 PLN

temporo mandibular joint picture: 70 PLN

100% recognition in 3D imaging:

3D imaging of the jaw fragment: 150 zł

3D imaging portion of the jaw: 150 zł

3D imaging of the whole jaw: 250 zł

3D imaging of the entire mandible: 250zł

images are recorded on a CD with software

Conservative Dentistry

light-fill: 150 – 200 zł

anesthesia for dental treatment, treatment costs


root canal treatment at the operating microscope: a channel: 200 zł

single-channel teeth: incisors, canines

dual teeth: premolars

trzykanałowe teeth: molars


porcelain crown: 800 zł

porcelain crown on gold: 1400zł

all-ceramic crown: 1500 zł

Total prosthesis: 1 pc.: 800zł

partial denture: 800 zł

prosthesis frame: 1500 zł


tooth extraction: 150 – 200 zł

Surgical removal of tooth: 300 zł

Surgical removal of tooth retention: 400 – 500 zł

resection of the development of root canal and filling: 500 zł

undercutting bits: 150 zł

wound supplies (sewing): 100 zł

incision of the abscess wewnątrzustnie: 100 zł

zewnątrzustnie abscess incision with drainage and dressing: 200 zł

reposition and immobilization zwichniętego tooth: 200 PLN


edition of the medical report: 50 PLN

surgery przedprotetyczny: 200 – 400 zł

Nobel Biocare dental implant: 3000 zł

reconstruction of the implant: price, depending on the type of

Mini Implants: lower denture stability (4 implants) 5000 – 6500 zł, stabilization of the upper dentures (6 implants) 6000 – 7000 zł

removal of stone: 100 – 200 PLN

nodule excision of the testing hist-pat: 300 zł

Treatment of anesthesia:

Valuation consultation

Prices do not include all benefits and not a commercial offer in commercial law. Prices quoted are indicative and subject to change.