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We offer a comprehensive treatment of adults, adolescents, children and mentally disabled persons in the following areas:


* Light-fillers

* Root canal treatment of traditional

* Root canal treatment under the surgical microscope

Dental surgery

Procedures performed under local anesthesia or at the request of the patient under general anesthesia (general anesthesia), assisted by a physician anesthesiologist.

* Extractions

* Surgical removal of teeth

* Surgical removal of impacted teeth

* Dental root resection

* Hemisections

* Radektomie

* Surgical treatment of periodontal diseases

* Periodontal Surgery

* Plastic surgery of the frenulum

* Plastic surgery of the alveolar process

* Remove-enucleation of the cyst

* Nobel Biocare Implant System

* Mini Implants IMTEC MDI System

* Sinus Lift-raising sinus

* Curettage open and closed

* Procedures and treatment in general anesthesia: — Dental treatment under general anesthesia — Removal of teeth and the immediate and temporary stenting

* Treatment of mentally handicapped in general anesthesia

* Diagnostic radiology in the chair during the treatment


* Półkorony porcelain crowns and all-ceramic, the gold, zirconium oxide, bridges and veneers

* Partial and complete dentures

* Skeletal Prostheses

* Contributions crown – root, durable tooth filling made of an alloy of precious

* Treatment of diseases of the temporomandibular joints

* Inlays type: Inlay, Onlay, Overlay

* Implants


* Teeth Whitening

* Removal of tartar

* Removal of plaque

* Sandblasting

* Porcelain Veneers

* Closing diastemas

* Correction of shape and color of teeth

Paediatric Dentistry

* Sealing teeth

* Fluoridation

* Treatment of dental caries

* Sanitation of the indications of health in general anesthesia


* The first in Jelenia Gora pantomograficzny latest generation of 3D camera, real trójwymiar, a breakthrough in diagnostic imaging

* Picture-point, panoramic and 3D computed tomography technique

* Reduced exposure time